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Caedon Spilman

> is available for work and on the hunt for new job opportunities in the world of graphic and creative design >

> is a Creative Designer who writes—and reads, blogs, occasionally rock-climbs, and frequently runs tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) for his friends

> freelances from sunny so-Cal(ifornia), where he partners with individuals and organizations to bring their visions into visual and definitive forms. He provides creative services with an emphasis on typography, infographics, and identity design

> recently graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Honors Humanities.

> is currently proficient in:
> Design software: Adobe Creative Suite CC and under; Figma; Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace
> Productivity Software: Notion, Asana, Trello, and MyMind
> Photography, digital and film; color-correction and basic photo editing skills;
> Working by hand and by screen: Sketching, drafting, and painting; Type layout; copywriting and editing; screen-printing and production for print
> has loved and worked in graphic design for 4+ years:
> Freelance Design
  • Independent graphic designer | 2022–Present
  • Directed brand identity, web design, and print projects for not-for-profit organizations, startup businesses, and higher education
> Honors College, APU
  • Sr. Creative Designer | March 2022–June 2023
  • Creative Designer | November 2020–March 2022
  • Created and established the brand strategy, promotional print material, and social media marketing for the college; trained and developed staff members, mentors, and 3 working groups for Dean’s Cabinet
> CNG Direct, Inc.
  • Graphic Designer | May 2022–September 2022
  • Supported daily operations of CNG Direct and Generator Services; developed brand photography, website design and social media for both companies
> found his love of design in high school,
(thanks to Chip Kidd), but continued his design education with his degree in
> BFA in Graphic Design and Honors Humanities
  • Chaffey College | 2018–2019
  • Azusa Pacific University | 2019–2023 | Dean’s List
    • which is where he won these awards:
      • Design Student of the Year Award
      • Aristotelian Friendship Award
      • Trustee’s Scholarship

> doesn't really like talking about himself in 3rd person

> hopes you have a wonderful day,
and that you have some time to:
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